Cute Kiss Day 2018 Picture Quotes-Top 10 Romantic Image Quotes

Kiss day is the most favorite day of Couple during Valentine’s week. Which is celebrated on 13th February of every year. Couples kiss each other to express their eternal bond and to admit their love for each other. However some who live far away, can’t do it but a Kiss day picture quote or a greeting card filled with love can do wonders. Never hesitate to send a greeting card on this Kiss day. Download cute kiss day picture quotes and romantic greeting cards featuring couples kissing with a sweet quote for free.

Cute Kiss Day Picture Quotes-Romantic greeting cards

Following are some sweet picture quotes on Kiss day 2017 that you can download for free. We have provided pictures with quotes below the image. All images are free to download.

kiss day quote


 “I never thought that love could feel like this. Then you changed my world with just one kiss. “
Above is an amazingly beautiful kiss image representing couple kissing with a cute quote that you can use on Kiss day.

happy kiss day image



The same Kiss day quote with a new and cute image. Sweet art work with fingers only.

kiss day picture quote


“I do not want her to kiss but I want to her her How beautiful she is..”
Another sweet quote with a cute art work dedicated on kiss day. Download this fresh kiss day picture quote now.

kiss day couple kissing



“Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they cant see anything wrong with each other. Beautifully written kiss day quote on couple kissing image.”

Happy Kiss day Images and Wallpaper


“On Kiss day, I wish that my each day was full of some more moments like this. Happy Kiss Day.”Kiss day 2015 image

kiss day quote


“Your hugs and kiss are like the stars that light up my life when my life gets dark. Happy Kiss day sweetheart.”

Kiss day best images


“Its Kiss Day! And Every time you kiss me. I feel on top of the world. Happy Kiss day sweetheart.”

Kiss day Couple kissing image quote

Kiss day Image quote


“A kiss is something you can’t give without taking and can not take without giving.”

lip kiss image couple“Proposing you was my desire, Having you is my jackpot.
Loving you is my attitude, Pleasing you is my duty
Missing you is my habit, kissing you is my wish.”Kiss day Quotes with images


“The only thing that I will always have is memories.Make it memorable for me”

Kiss day Wallpaper with quote


“Love is heat. You’re sweet. When two lips meet, love is complete. Happy Kiss day!”

kiss day wallpaper


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Kiss Day Greeting cards 2018-Download Kiss day ecards for Free

kiss day greeting card13th February, a special day among lovers, known as Kiss Day when two love birds greet each other and express their love by kissing each other a day before valentine’s day. Kiss Day is one of the most beautiful days of the year as it comes with an opportunity for couples to get more close. Greeting cards and Picture quotes are something you can not forget. Express your love to your partner by sending beautiful and cute greeting cards on Kiss day. Here we have presented Free downloadable Kiss day greeting cards for all love birds.

Best Happy Kiss Day 2017 Greetings

“I never thought love could feel like this but then you change my world with just one kiss.” What a love quotation to begin with on Kiss day which is a day of love. Here are some amazingly beautiful greeting cards for Kiss day that you can download for free and simply send them using email facebook or whatsapp.

kiss day special image gif

kiss day greetings




happy-kiss-day cartoon

happy kiss day image

Happy Kiss day 2015 greeting

kiss day quote

Kiss day 2015

Kiss day greeting 2015

greeting 2015

Unique Kiss Day Greeting cards with Image Quote

You can download them easily for free. Just right click on the image and click on save as to save the image in your desktop or mobile phone.

Kiss day 2015 greetin


kiss day cards


kiss day greeting 2015

kiss day greetings

Kiss day Image greeting

Kiss day Quote image


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Kiss Day SMS for Boyfriend-Kiss Day messages for him

Romantic Couple KissingYou can not forget Sending Kiss day sms to your boyfriend on 13th Feb. Kiss day is one of the most important day of valentine’s week which arouses the feeling of love on both sides. How can you be so selfish that you Kiss him directly without making him feel special. Well there is a gift option available there but words are more powerful than physical objects. A simple I love you message can make him happy. On Kiss day, do not forget to wish him first with a cute kiss day sms, wish or quote. Here we have got the best collection of Kissing quotes, kiss day messages sms and wishes dedicated to one’s boyfriend. If you are a female and willing to send a message to your boyfriend, husband or fiance, just pick any of the below text messages on kiss day and send it for free.

Romantic Kiss day SMS Wishes Quotes for Boyfriend

My heart z made 2 luv u,
My lipz R made  2 kiss U,
My EYES r made 2 c you,
My hands R mad3  3 hold you,
Evry part of me wants you,
May be because I was made just for U .
Happy Kiss Day


Your arms are the safest place for me
Your hug is the warmest place for me
Now Shut up and kiss me
As your lips are the hottest space for me.
Happy Kiss Day

Cute 140 word sms

With you by my side, I need nothing from the god.
Be mine forever.

Short two line poem for him

When you are mine, I feel fine
Thanks for making our love divine.
Happy Kiss day sweetheart.

My love for U grows more wid each passing day,
The thought of urs gorgeous face takes my breath away:
Those brown eyes fill my soul with happiness,
Those luscious of urs lips I love 2 kiss. <3 <3
Happy Kiss day !!


Love gives Way 2 Kiss ur Lover
One day U will kiss a man you can’t breathe without
find dat breath is of little consequence.
Happy Kiss Day !!


Just kiss me and take away from this world
Promise 2 give me a kiss on my brow
When I am dead, I Shall feel it.
Happy kiss Day!!


You r Sweet dan Honey.
Pure dan Milk.
Soft dan Flower.
Since I hv u As mah Lover,
Come To Me Near,
I”ll Kiss ur Lips Widout Fear.
U”ll Say, Having You iz Treasure & B wid Me Fr Ever.
Happy Kiss Day !!


Your Hugs & Kisses R Like d Starz Tht Light Up Ma lyf
When Things Get Dark!
Happy Kis Day !!

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When is Kiss Day-Kiss day 2018 Date

Although International Kiss day is celebrated on 6th of July every Year but we are talking about Kiss day of Valentin’s week which falls on 6th day of Valentine’s Week. Kiss day is celebrated on 13th of February every year among lovers.

Kiss Day 2015 Date

Kiss Day shall be celebrated worldwide on 13th of February.

On this day lovers Kiss each other after the proposal. One of the most beautiful day of valentine’s week. Make sure you don’t have a breathing problem before you approach a kiss to your better half. 😉